I am a fully qualified DVTA approved independent Driving Instructor with over 30 years driving experience and have been running DM Driving School since 2007.

My aim is to help you from your first lesson through to your test and beyond; passing on as much of my experience as possible to help in real world driving as well as preparing you for the test.
Learning to drive is an important step in your life and I want us to take that step together. I build a relationship with clients with an attention to your individual needs and my ability to enable you to be the best driver you can be.
As an independent instructor not associated with a large school it means I have a personal interest in helping you and ensuring you get the best experience possible while learning to drive.

You will receive my full attention during lessons; I do not answer phone calls or text messages during YOUR lesson time. Lessons are always at least as long as you have paid for and often longer but unless at your request never shorter.

Your lessons will progress at a pace you are comfortable with, everyone learns at a different rate and I treat you as an individual. The advantages of learning with myself is that I’m patient, reliable, easy going and understand the needs of today’s learners.

Using the latest training methods I’m able to reduce the amount of lessons you will need and that allows me to reduce the overall cost of your lessons. I will always keep your lessons to a minimum to save you money but I do not compromise on quality or safety.

  • 1 to 1 tuition. You will never have to share with another pupil during lessons.
  • Reliability; I pride myself on being on time for the agreed lesson time.
  • You will have the full lesson time devoted to you, with time sitting at the roadside kept to a minimum; it is a driving lesson after all. I won’t be texting or answering calls on YOUR time.
  • Free lesson hand-outs are available at each stage of the training which highlight the subject learned to allow you to revise and maintain that standard when getting private practice or for recap between lessons.
  • I am an independent driving instructor in Belfast so I have a personal interest in your progress and you will not be passed between instructors if the going gets tough.
  • Every pupil is treated as an individual and the tuition will be tailored to suit your ability using a structured approach to training as recommended by the DSA and DVTA.